How to Hire a Wedding Planner

If you’ve tried planning a wedding, you’re probably aware of the amount of work it demands. The good news is hiring a wedding planning LA professional can offer great help. But of course, you can’t just have the first one who comes along. There are specific steps you need to take so you can find the best available.

Explore potential planners’ websites for photos of the most recent weddings they’ve organized, and start narrowing down your list. Everything – colors, lighting, etc.- should look cohesive, and if you find an overarching style for all the weddings they’ve handled, it should be consistent with what you want for your own wedding. If not, ask them to see if they can work with your own ideas, but you won’t have any history proving that they can create the results you’re after.

Check with your favorites.

Give your top three or four picks a call and confirm the types of planning services they offer, their date availability, and their pricing . If their answers sound just right for your budget and your vision, ask for a meeting with every one of them. Prepare magazine tear-outs, pictures and other things that can help you express yourself and what you want for the wedding. And see to it that you have a list of relevant questions on hand. As they answer, observe them and their personalities. Picture yourself working closely with them for a number of months. Tell them about the results you want to see, your preferred theme or style, and see watch their response. They should show genuine interest in your ideas and not just shun them away.

Talk to references.

Don’t feel rushed to go with a planner you like on the spot. In fact, take your time asking questions that can help you decide, including:

Did the planner spend more than what was budgeted for the wedding? Were you happy with the planner’s interpretation of your ideas?

Did they return your calls and emails promptly?

Did you like working with the planner overall?

Did the wedding go well from your guests’ perspective?

Did anything go wrong, and and if so, how did they correct it?

For more information on wedding planning visit:

Seal the deal.

Spend time comparing the planners you’ve shortlisted, taking into consideration their proposals submitted. If they’re unwilling to give you a formal written estimate, strike them off your list. After agreeing on terms and conditions, let them provide a final contract. This will serve as your protection in case the planner fails to meet their promises. Finally, don’t pay the full amount upon signing the contract. You can make a down payment for the initial cost of materials, labor, etc.and the rest can be settled after the event. For more details on this click here:

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